When considering “how much will I need”, please bear in mind that it is always better to have a bit more than you think you will need, especially on initial release as pest level will be high. And the more BanItch released into an area the quicker it will work.  Also the further you can spread out from your garden area the better the protection in your garden.

We generally recommend 2 litres (1 Bucket) for an initial treatment for an average size Surburban block, 600-700 square metres of organic coverage. But if you have a larger block or surrounding areas you would like to treat, like nature strips ect you might want to consider ordering  more.

Please keep in mind they are a live insect they do not have a long shelf life, the longer they are in the bucket the less you will have in the bucket. We recommend releasing your hypos as soon as you can upon receiving them, and within 24 hours.

Hypos do prefer humid organic matter so a well established lawn and moist mulched garden will provide best results.

Please read frequently asked questions for more useful information on BanItch and how to get the most out of your purchase.

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